Litsa Copper Headphone Upgrade Cable

Litsa Copper cable stands for performance par excellence. Litsa copper cable boosts the low end and enhances clarity of the mids rendering a peppy bounce on the go without hampering the treble of the device used.

A more intense overall presentation of the sound is what the outcome that litsa copper cable achieves. Low-Level Detail are more pronounced. The mids are clear and transparent.
Litsa Copper delivers surging punch and robust sound.
Litsa Copper doles out more forward midrange also rendering a slightly rich tone with some warmth to the overall presentation of instruments and vocals. Specifically, the sound of guitars being strung and female vocals become more fulsome yet still quite resolving. Litsa Copper does not affect the tone, responsiveness or the frequency response of the treble which is quite neutral being neither bright nor dark.

Litsa copper cable’s staging is majestic allowing a listener to discern different positions for various sounds, lending a hand in making the sound more realistic. Litsa Copper does a very good job in positioning instruments around the soundstage, giving them some good separation so sound doesn’t feels shrouded or muffled sounding. Litsa Copper delivers an excellent level of spark but also a tranquil midrange tone compared to their stock cable pairings. The Litsa Copper presents treble in a neutral fashion.

The Litsa Copper uses 6n LC-OFC Copper for its internal wiring which represents a very high level of purity. When measuring the level of purity of a cable, 1n represents the lowest level of purity whereas 7n illustrates the highest level. The higher the grade the better the performance of the cable. The copper wiring is a 23.5 AWG gauge size which is on the hefty side of the usual 26AWG cable sweet spot favoured by many manufacturers.

The Litsa Copper features a Type 6 Litz geometry which houses multiple bundles of type 4 wires twisted around the main fibre core. Within each type 4 wire, there is a separate fibre core that monitors consistent conductivity and reduces vibration.
The Litsa Copper uses a multi-sized stranding structure. Generally, this means that certain strands have a different thickness to alter the signal: thinner strands work best for higher frequencies and thicker ones for lower frequencies.                                                                                                                     
The Litsa Copper has that enduring and precise copper hue on full show behind a soft and translucent PVC jacket. This gives the cable a lustrous and smooth finish but it is thick enough that it feels durable and not too thick that it restricts movement or results in any cable noise during use. The cable is meticulously hand-braided. Each of the 4 wires is braided with sufficient tension so it will not easily pull apart nor leave uneven gaps throughout the cable. The cable measures in at 1.5m long, is lightweight, and quite easy to bend with no discernible memory retention. With its uniform braiding and soft jacket, the Litsa Copper is very gratifying to use and easily wrapped away for storage.

The Litsa Copper is available with various termination and connector options. Jack options include Balanced 2.5mm TRRS for A&K, 4.4mm TRRRS Pentaconn and 4 PIN XLR Balanced connection, and Single Ended 3.5mm TRS, 6.3 mm TRS Connection.
There are plenty of connector options including the standard 2pin 0.78mm, MMCX, Audeze LCD, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, Focal, Meze and many more.

The Litsa Copper features a matte black finish on the plug, splitter, cable ring, and connectors which are all made out of metal. There are hints of silver plating on the top of the plug, cable ring, and connectors.
The combination of matte black and copper colours is a fantastic match and it gives the cable a premium feel and appearance.
There is clearly marked left (L)(Black) and right (R)(Red) indicators on the connectors.

Although the Litsa Copper is a 23.5 AWG 4 wire cable, it is flexible and lightweight hence it is very comfortable to use on the ear.
The splitter is feather weight and does not pull on the cable too much which might cause distress above the ear. The splitter and chin cinch are well-positioned and allows for the cable to drop perfectly or be adjusted easily while in use.


  Diameter                1.6mm
  Braiding                   ROUND
  Length                    1.5m
  AWG                       23.5
  Core                        4  
  Wire                        TYPE 6 LITZ
Manufacturer’s Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Headgear Audio.