Litsa Silver Headphone Upgrade Cable











    Most stock headphone cables are made of poor, ultra-thin conductors that work as a bottleneck for sound. Poor geometries, no shielding, rubber jackets, and a whole host of other issues in OEM cables can limit the performance of the headphone driver in terms of clarity and definition.
    Litsa Cables are handcrafted from quality materials in Headgear Audio. All of our cables are created with ultra-pure, single-crystal silver and copper strands and engineered to provide the cleanest, most musical presentation. Our wire is void of impurities and crystalline boundaries, leaving nothing between you and your music.











    The Litsa Silver is specially designed upgrade cable for audiophiles. Silver strands clarify instrument separation, increase soundstage, and find previously lost high and mid-frequency sounds. Transients appear more cohesive and the bass tighter for a more controlled sound. The detail and clarity of the Litsa silver make it a perfect match for classical music and other genres with many nuanced instruments.







                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            CABLE DESIGN


    The Litsa Silver Headphone Cable is our Top of the Line Headphone Cable. It is a silver conductor based Litz cable and it uses 8  OCC Stranded Silver Plated 26AWG PVC insulated conductors.


    It is a great candidate for Darker Sounding headphones or headphones that have a bloated bottom end. For example, headphones such as the Sennheiser HD650 (a darker/warmer sounding can) or headphones like the Hifiman HE-500 and the Audeze LCD-2 & LCD3, which are planar magnetic driver headphones and warmer sounding headphones. The Litsa Silver will add detail and clarity to the top end and provide a cleaner more transparent sound. With closed headphones such as the Denon AH-D7000 & AH-D5000 the litsa Silver will tighten up the bottom end and control the bass better. 


    This is our most substantial conductor to date and is more than ample for all audio system. These cables are Carefully hand braided and consists of  8 cores of soft crystal PVC insulation litz silver plated wire. Soldered with Cardas ultra pure, Quad Eutectic solder for the perfect joining of connector to conductor. 




                                                                                                                                                                                                                       It’s All About Connection 


    A variety of connection options are available for your downstream connection.                                                                                                                                                                                  The ¼-inch / 6.3mm, 3.5mm TRS SE stereo connector offers the audiophile-standard plug for connection to devices such as headphone amplifiers and A/V receivers, digital audio players, computer-based workstations, analog gear, and more.


    A balanced 4.4mm TRRRS connector opens a pathway to a newer generation of balanced output devices (headphone amplifiers, digital audio players, etc.) that embrace this compact plug’s superior stability otrolled transients and impossibly-clear instrument separation. 2.5mm Balanced, XLR and a whole host of others.


    The wire is soldered to a connector using high-quality Cardas silver solder time. 






    Seamless Transition from 4 wire to 2 wire

    The joints at the middle of stock cable is soldered which makes is vulnerable to breaking at joints. We have developed unique technic which allows seamless transition at joints from 4 wire to 2 wire, this eliminate need to solder at joint.








    We are pleased to offer high quality cable slider designs. They are the best and most durable on the market. Made in USA out of anodized aluminum, they are perfect for tighten fit whenever necessary and will stay in place.



     Made of CNC machined anodized aluminum.

    Sliders are cryogenically treated before it is assembled for optimal durability.












                                                                                                                    Diameter              1.3 

       Braiding                ROUND
         Strands                  49
          Length                  1.5m
          AWG                       26
         Core                       8
         Wire                      TYPE 2 Litz
        Purity                      6N OCC


     6 Months Manufacturer’s Warranty


    Manufacturer’s Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and contact Headgear Audio. If you don't see your headphone listed please contact us for a custom build
    Custom built — 7-10 business day lead time.